I began building musical devices as a teenager and took that fascination to an extreme over the last 30 years. “The Three Sirens“, a self-playing/self-learning robot-band, for example, was a 20 year long project that took an entirely new approach to instrument building and music making.

In recent years I’ve grown more interested in conventional instruments, and am still looking for my very own take on – mostly – Ukuleles. Read and see more in ABOUT ...


This site features a variety of musical instruments I have made, all from finest materials with great precision and care. Some are very basic and simple and some incorporate innovative features like compensation on nut and saddle or custom made tuners. There are several types of instruments available:

  • More or less conventional UKULELES with nylon strings.
  • Electric steel string ukuleles branded KILLER-UKE.
  • Other STRINGED instruments like guitars and things that are not yet named.
  • Strange inventions that I have built for my own use or commissioned by other musicians can be found in the OTHER section.
  • Find DIY Kits for people that are willing and able to operate simple tools under KITS.
  • Custom made pickups, amplifiers and audio electronics can be found in the section TRONICS.

Hope you will enjoy this website. Please CONTACT me if you have any further questions or are looking for something very special. My greatest pleasure is in developing instruments that haven’t been conceived yet but will address certain needs. I am very open to doing commissions.