Killer-Instruments, or for short Ki, is the name for my very special line of steel string ukuleles. These ukuleles are extraordinary in every aspect, their sound is unique, their looks are outstanding and their playability is on a professional level. Plus they really rock.

These Killer-Instruments incorporate some features that are not commonly found in ukuleles. They are strung with nickel/steel strings and come with both a compensated nut and saddle. Therefore their intonation is true over the entire fret board. Their precise fretwork allows for a very low action, which not only improves playability, it also enhances their intonation.

As a result, many players that pick up a Killer-Uke for the first time are surprised that the higher tension of steel strings does not make it more difficult to play these ukuleles compared to low tension nylon strings.

I composed a special set of strings for the Killer-Ukes using different size diameters for the high G and A strings for a more balanced sound. The pick-ups that I manufacture are designed with magnets that are staggered to perfectly fit the custom string set. The combination of these features results in the killer sound unique to the Killer-Uke.

The expression of the Killer-Instruments is very nuanced and is responsive to many levels of sophistications with the clarity of its sound and long sustain.